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Henna Art   by  Heather DeRigo

W    E    L   C   O   M   E  !

Thank you for your interest in my Henna Art. I hope my site will provide you with all the information and inspiration you need regarding the aspects of my work as a professional Henna Artist, as well as providing a comprehensive platform of General Information about Henna.


Heather DeRigo


Here is a brief glimpse into my background as a Henna Artist and the values and ideals I strive to uphold with East to West Henna.

 I graduated from Art School with honors and had already been doing freelance Art for many years as well as teaching Art in schools along with group classes and private lessons for most of my adult life.

I began my journey into the world of Henna in 2012 when I married my husband from India and had Mehndi/Henna done for my wedding. I instantly fell in love with this Art form and vowed I would learn it and practice it to the level that I could create with it as unlimitedly as I could draw or paint. While spending more than a consecutive year in India the first time I visited, I took advantage of the opportunity to have Henna done on myself often - from seasoned, masterful henna artists there and I invested in a lot of practice. When I returned home a year later, I took some classes, familiarized myself with 'all things Henna', experimented a LOT with different henna paste ingredients and mixes, different applicator options, different styles and more. As I continued my practice, I steadily and progressively  began to have people ask me to do it for them. As that grew, I followed my instincts and passion to create  East to West Henna. 

   I absolutely LOVE creating and sharing this unique form of Art with everyone I am honored to do Henna for. It is a fun way to express one's self creatively- a wearable, natural art -without the commitment, toxicity and invasiveness of traditional permanent tattoos. Henna is not just for women, but also men and children - and for ALL ethnic backgrounds and cultures. Applying Henna to a client allows a special opportunity to connect with that person in a way that is quite unique. Due to the close nature of applying Henna on someone, as well as the 'sometimes-lengthy' application times for those getting extensive Henna, such as Brides -it affords the opportunity to have meaningful conversation with the client, which often leads to new friendships and strengthens and builds our communities.  

 I grew up with the strong ideals of a Natural lifestyle- that only natural substances are best for what you put in or on your body. I feel it is very important that what I offer as a product in my Henna services is fully safe and pure. I hold strict standards for using only 100% Natural Henna exclusively. I make my own henna paste using the highest quality ingredients that consist simply of the freshest, body art quality henna powder, purified water, lemon juice,  natural sugar and therapeutic grade essential oils (such as Lavender). This ensures the safest, dark-staining and long-lasting henna possible.

  As a professional Henna Artist, I understand the cultural and traditional uses of henna as well other important knowledge about Henna and it's application and use.

  I love to create custom designs in a variety of styles- for all types of events such as Weddings, Graduations, Bridal and Baby Showers, Festivals, Corporate Events, Private Parties and more-
as well as for regular individual clients.

For larger groups or events, East To West Henna offers the option of additional artist management. With my team of quality henna artists, I can easily do the booking and paying of additional artists needed for your event. 

 I strive to bring each and every client the very BEST in their Henna experience- whether they are new to Henna or not- with the highest professional standards, a welcoming and fun henna application and high quality, henna designs!

I look forward to serving you!




Thank you for your interest!

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What is Henna?

Henna is a flowering plant, a tall shrub or small tree that produces a red-orange dye molecule called lawsone. It is native to tropical an subtropical regions of Africa and southern Asia. The lawsone released from this plant is what creates the henna stain. The leaves of this plant are dried and made into a fine, sifted powder. Water and/or lemon juice and essential oils are added to create a paste which is placed in an applicator such as a cello cone or squeeze bottle.


Preparing for Henna

Henna stains the best on clean, dry skin. Please do not apply any lotions or oils within a few hours of application to the area where you want your design. Exfoliating the skin is beneficial, but should be done at least 24 hours before application to avoid sensitivity. If excess hair on the arms is present, removing the hair by shaving helps for an easier and smooth application of the design, however, like exfoliating, it should be done at least 24 hours in advance of the henna application.

For Brides, it is best to get your nails done before the henna application.